I believe with all that is within me that you are worthy of being known and seen... and that this goes far beyond good photographs. I believe in the little moments and quirks that make your heart burst with joy. I believe, as your wedding photographer, that you deserve someone who is truly interested in you before they are interested in getting good images.

As a result of these things, my work is heavily influenced by the art of film photography, which is why most of my work is shot on film. The experience of having a friendship relationship with your photographer, paired with the unmatched intentionality, aesthetic, light, color, and emotion that film provides is an unbeatable experience for my brides...and you.

The SW Experience

Let me get straight to the point: I really want to serve you as your wedding photographer. Period. Everything that I do is from a heart that wants to be there for you on your wedding day, not just as a photographer but also as friend. When you hire me as your wedding photographer, you not only will have a trusted, reliable person to capture your most intimate moments, but also you will be gaining a friend to walk you through the entire engagement and wedding process. I believe wholeheartedly that having a friend relationship instead of a client relationship with your photographer can only give you the best results.

Heirloom imagery for joyful couples, because your story is worthy of being captured well.

With over 8 years of professional photography experience, it is such an honor to serve my precious brides from the moment they book with me until weeks and months after the wedding. I truly would not have ever imagined a more fitting role in my life, and it is such a privilege to call it my job. I am 1000% enthused by the long wedding days, the editing, the film processing, and the curating of your perfectly unique wedding gallery.

Eight years as a photographer has taught me many things, but perhaps the most important is the ability to capture authentic and genuine moments for my clients who trust me 100%. The getting-to-know-you process with coffee dates and dreaming together about all of your wedding dreams builds such a special bond that I have with all of my beautiful brides, and it is a joy to be trusted by them to capture their most vulnerable and precious memories.

Over the last 8 years, I have carefully and thoughtfully curated a process and experience that I believe will allow me to deliver the best results and leave you feeling comforted and encouraged. Through this process, my hope is that we will be true friends, and that you will remember your wedding day well. I believe that there is nothing better than being completely in the moment on your wedding day, and the experience you will have with me is curated to achieve this goal.

your trusted photographer

What is film photography?

And why would I want it for my wedding?

It just makes me so giddy that you ask! Film is one of my passions and it has greatly influenced every aspect of the way that I serve my clients. Here are three simple explanations of the fine art film process, why it matters, and how it sets me apart from other photographers:


Think about the old school rolls of film that your grandparents used to shoot back in their day. Those rolls of film are the same thing that I use. Technology has definitely improved since our grandparents used it, which means that when I mail off the film to an incredible lab in Oregon, they then send back the digital scans...which is what you see on my social media and website. The longevity and timelessness of film influences the entire wedding gallery that you receive from me.


Since each shot matters with film, it forces me in a way to slow down and be intentional with every shot that I take. With digital cameras, it can be very easy to simply click the shutter a thousand times, hoping that at least one shot turned out. It matters to me that I take good photos for you, and I do not want to let myself become mindless in that process. If you are looking for numbers, I keep 99% of my film images, and I only keep about 40% of my digital images.

Along those lines, my film lab works with me for every lighting situation and shoot to make sure that the coloring of my film comes out perfect every time. The intentionality and thought that it takes beforehand and during the actual shooting process yields incredible results in my film photography.


The way that film captures color and light is very different from how digital does. While digital can often be a too-sharp, harsh version of reality, film is a more forgiving image of your real life moments. It is softer, more delicate, more intentional. It can be described as a painting when compared to digital images. The way that it paints light and color into each capture means that each image is tangible in a way that digital can't replicate. There is an added depth to film photography that is different from digital images.

There are definitely situations, such as receptions, where digital can be a stronger tool for capturing your wedding day, The majority of my work is captured on film, and any digital images that I take are edited to match (to the best of my ability) the same aesthetic..leaving you with a seamless gallery. It is important to remember that film and digital are both simply tools that I use for capturing memories. But in my 8 years of experience, I have never had as many happy clients or been more satisfied with what my work can acheive as when I began shooting on film.

the process

By now you are probably thinking, "Shelby, everything sounds fantastic, and I really want you to photograph my wedding. But what are my next steps? What happens, and when?"

My promise to you is that I will not make things complicated. You have enough on your plate right now, and the last thing I want to do is make working with me as your wedding photographer stressful. So, let me make this as clear and communicative as I can...

You hit the inquire button below and fill out the simple form!! This information is sent straight to my inbox .


I will reply with all of the information you need and ask a few simple questions.


We will work out all of the details, and an invoice will be sent to you to confirm that you are booked for your wedding!


Once your beautiful wedding photos are complete after about 8-12 weeks after the wedding, you will recieve an online gallery with access to all of the photos


the investment

Inquire for your date today!

I would be so honored to be your wedding photographer. Your memories and story deserve to be captured intentionally and with care. Reach out to me for your date ASAP!

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Kind Words

"On my wedding day (during our first look!), we had a sudden rain shower out of nowhere- and thank goodness for Shelby who was quick thinking to switch locations and honestly put my mind at such ease. I never once looked back and thought of the weather as a hiccup - it was truly perfect and just what we needed! Shelby puts things into perspective in terms of what matters most on your wedding day and it shows through our beautiful and thoughtful wedding images. She treasures the intimate and quiet moments of joy and we appreciate her so much for documenting our wedding day for us. We highly recommend Shelby and are so thankful and blessed to have had her as our photographer and now, friend!"


"Shelby is the sweetest, most thoughtful digital and film photographer I have ever met. She is genuinely so talented, but she is attentive of her clients’ wishes and respective vision. She shares her gift of photography and art in such a humble way. Her natural talent shines through in all she does. I consider her not only my favorite photographer, but also a friend of mine. Throughout our engagement and wedding planning, she was so intentional to get to know me. That made the whole process so much more effortless, and I would hire her again and again!"
- M&W


"We were blown away by our wedding photos! They were everything we could have asked for and more. We had a large wedding party and large families on both sides and Shelby was amazing at managing time so we could get all of our photos in. She made the absolute most of a beautiful day and got in literally thousands of shots of our ceremony and reception. On a day that was such a blur, I’m so glad we had Shelby to capture the details and moments that I missed. I will recommend her time and time again. You will not be disappointed!"
- M&W


"Shelby was everything we were looking for in a wedding photographer and more. She took ample amounts of time to get to know us as a couple before even scheduling engagements pictures and talking wedding details. She truly cared about us as individuals, our story, and what we were looking for. To say she did a great job with our photos is an understatement - she captured everything as we had wanted and dreamt about. Everything was timeless, classic, simple, and raw. You can feel every emotion we experienced that day in her photos. She is so talented, and we are blessed to have had the chance to work with her and now have her cherished photographs, as well as a friendship. She is the best! Hire her - you won't regret it!!!"


"My husband and I got married in July, and our day truly would not have been the same without Shelby. Throughout our engagement, she was intentional, kind, involved, and low-stress (which is SO great when you’re planning a wedding!). On our wedding day, she was a calming presence to be with and genuinely killed it. She’s amazing at what she does. When my husband and I got our gallery back (which Shelby worked so hard to get back to us in record time!!), we seriously could not contain our smiles and gasps. I can’t stop printing out photos for our home, and, true confession, I look back at our gallery multiple times a week. Our absolute favorites are the film photos she took. The light and color in our pictures is just stunning. We knew Shelby was amazing, and we loved her previous work we’d seen, but she completely blew us away. Her work captured so many sweet in-between moments from our wedding day, and it feels like I actually get to experience our day again whenever I look back at her photos, which is the greatest gift I could ask for. She captured true emotion and it’s just so sweet to have these photographs forever! I cannot recommend Shelby enough!"


"Hiring Shelby was the best decision that I made for my wedding!! Ahead of time, she kept in contact with me (scheduled multiple phone calls, asked me questions about what I wanted). On the wedding day Shelby was so kind and helped make things a lot less stressful for me. She also texted me photos that day which was fun to see! Once I got my gallery I was absolutely in love with all the photos she took! I’ve received so many compliments on our wedding photos. They are even better than what I was expecting! I can’t recommend Shelby enough!!"